UK Developer Events (June 15-17)

Ladies and Lads,

@Ben and I are coming overseas for a few developer-focused events in the United Kingdom:

Mobile Monday Manchester
Join us for a presentation, Q&A, hands-on demo & networking in Manchester. We will have an introduction to SmartThings, a quick demo showing how you can automate your home with code, and a networking hour with refreshments.

When: June 15, 6:00pm - 8:30pm GMT
Where: UKFast Campus (Birley Fields, Manchester M15 5QJ)

SmartThings UK Developer Call #2
Join us for an informal developer chat with members of our team. We’ll introduce the product, teach you about the platform, and answer questions you have. We’re opening up our UK office for tea and wine. We’ll be on the 8th floor.

When: June 16, 4:00pm to 5:00pm GMT
Where: Fleet Place House (2 Fleet Place, 6th Floor, London EC4M 7RD)
Video chat:

IoT London Meetup
Join us for drinks and networking as we listen to a few speakers who are making the Internet of Things a reality in the UK and beyond. Hands-on demo and Q&A included.

When: June 16, 7:00pm to 9:00pm GMT
Where: One Fine Stay / Sherlock (300 St John Street, London EC1V 4PA)

SmartThings UK Workshop
We’ll be hosting a one-hour workshop focusing on the SmartThings open platform and how to write your own custom smart home solutions (“SmartApps”). You’ll get an overview of our interactive web simulator and see how we can program real devices to respond to code.

When: June 17, 6:30pm - 9:00pm GMT
Where: WeWork South Bank (22 Upper Ground, London SE1 9PD)

We hope to see you there!

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Here’s a recap:

As we prepare to launch SmartThings in the UK, a few members from the community and developer advocacy team traveled overseas for a series of meetups and workshops.

TLDR; There is a lot of excitement around IoT and specifically SmartThings in the UK. While use cases like saving energy are more advanced in many ways the UK home automation market is well behind the US. SmartThings is poised to have a big impact.

Mobile Monday Manchester

After arriving in London early in the week, we boarded a train for Manchester for their Mobile Monday event, hosted at UK Fast.

We set up a demo using Philips Hue bulbs and a phone number: attendees could send an SMS message with the name of a color and the lights would change.

After an hour of networking, we gave a brief overview of the SmartThings consumer product and developer platform.

We shared a few of our favorite home automation setups and challenged the audience to come up with their dream scenarios. At the end of the event, we raffled off a SmartThings Golden Key, which entitled its winner to a Smart Home Starter Kit to be shipped the same week we launch in the UK.

IoT London Meetup

We returned to London on Tuesday afternoon just in time for the IoT London Meetup, hosted at the onefinestay office in the Finsbury neighborhood.

Our demo area was surrounded with interested parties with lots of questions.

SmartThings IoT Workshop

Our first UK trip culminated at the WeWork South Bank offices with a hands-on workshop.

Before the workshops started, attendees had the opportunity to see and touch our hardware, as well as ask questions to our UK team.

Over 100 people traded their business cards for an opportunity to win a kit at launch.

The venue was awesome. There were plenty of desks and chairs, but people could also walk around and mingle comfortably.

An hour into the event, Alex Bowker, head of developer relations for Samsung Media Solutions Center Europe, introduced the SmartThings team.

We had a special guest too. CEO Alex Hawkinson made an appearance and kicked off the workshop with a proper introduction to SmartThings.

Overall, the workshop was a success. We showed a few examples of SmartApps and the code that powers them. If you want to see the presentation, you can download the slides here.

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