Ubiquiti UniFi Video and Protect NVR Integration

Yeah, unfortunately it looks like Ubiquiti has done what I think is an overall good thing but something that makes the LAN no longer viable as a solution. I haven’t been using Smart Things for a long time now but the lack of LAN HTTPS is a problem and a cloud-to-cloud solution is likely the only way forward to ever integrate Unifi and ST again. This is made more problematic by TFA so any straight forward integration at this point seems unlikely.

It may be time to retire this :frowning_face:

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Thanks @cvincent and @Zedicus_G for the updates, the smartapp was great whilst it lasted so thanks again for the good work.
I have a few other integrations that have been broken by SmartThings ‘upgrades’ lately so going to look at other platforms. Hubitat and HomeKit (UniFi Protect integration ??) look like possible options so before I start the research does anyone else have a view on which hub offers the best range of ‘out of the box’ integration to devices like Nest, Protect, Aeotec, Foscam etc. Thanks.

im debating moving off of smartthings myself. Homeseer is where i will be heading if need be. My v2 Smartthings hub died and i decided to go ahead and try smartthings 1 more time with the v3 hub. Smartthings really is fine as long as you don’t want to stray to far out of their sandbox. The work arounds and hacks required to get smartthings to talk to other platforms is getting old.

Agreed and with IDE going too more integrations are soon likely to fail. Thanks, will have a look at Home Seer along with Home Assistant and Hubitat as the 3 options.

does anyone know if ubiquiti cameras still work with smartthings with the device handler?

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Setting up my Ubiquiti network now, hope this still works for the protect cameras! please!!!