Ubiquiti UniFi Video and Protect NVR Integration

Ya now they all look like this

Pretty sure in classic I had no issues with anything ever

One thing that may have changed since it worked great was, I setup monocle cam so alexa can pull these cams up on tvs and shows via rtsp(?), if anyone knows if that affects the integration I guess I’ll have to choose which is more important

hi @Joe_Mcnelly, the motion detection works really well for me and 100% accurate so might be worth revisiting your config as the device handler code was updated at least once this year. The only errors I get in the logs are

and these occur for every camera and there is a specific reference to it above from @cvincent. Would be really great to have the camera snapshot working too though as it did in the classic app.

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Hey, I am all new to this Smartthings world… Can anyone tell me how to install this to my ST Hub ?
Is there a guide somewhere ? Youtube video maybe ?

Hi everyone - so I recently moved to UniFi protect and I’m trying to implement this but I’m not having any luck. My SmartThings hub (v2) and cloudkey gen2+ (with protect) are on the same subnet. I also set up a SmartThings specific username/password to use for this with admin rights on protect. After waiting, I’m still not seeing the cameras populate in the devices menu. Any thoughts?

I switched to UniFi last year and all my Smarthings stuff worked just fine. But that has nothing to do with Protect cameras.
Do you have your ST on a VLAN?

Hi @Syswatch, try these links…

Overview here https://github.com/project802/smartthings/blob/master/UniFi_Protect.md

Code here https://github.com/project802/smartthings/blob/master/smartapps/project802/unifi-protect.src/unifi-protect.groovy

Yeah unfortunately Protect is a separate system. But yes, same subnet/VLAN - the cloudkey can reach the hub no problem

I had Unifi Protect working fine on Smartthings up until the release of the new firmware for the UKC-G2+. Now I can’t get it to work. Anyone else have this issue?

Have you have just done the upgrade from v1.1.13 to v2.0.24 as I was just about to give it a go ? Did the camera status go offline in SmartThings or has motion detection stopped working ?