Ubiquiti Networks

Has anyone used any of these products, they seem very affordable:




It looks like they are accessible via ssh:


I’ve used them in the past.  The controller for the radios is either Windows or Linux based but not sure how you could interface it with SmartThings. Like most access points, once the setup is complete there is really nothing else to do except see statistics from the controller.  Are you looking @ more of a captive portal type solution?

I am looking more at their wifi power strips (switchable AC ports and energy monitoring) and mPort sensors.



@mopwr   Darren,

Do you work for that company?  I’m sure curious because you’re user handle seems pretty similar to the products name.

It looks like their stuff is WiFi based, rather than z-wave/zigbee.  Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but won’t the first version of these hubs NOT have WiFi access on them?  It seems like we’d have to have a software interface between whatever is controlling the WiFi devices and the SmartThings SmartApps.  I don’t think the Hub would be able to talk right to the items.


I guess it is similar in that it starts with the same letter but no, I don’t work for them. I work for a University in North Dakota.

I am interested in the product because it does not use z-wave/zigbee. I live on a farm where distance between devices could be a problem and I have buried cat5 to buildings already. Also the price point of $45/1port, $65/3ports, $105/8ports for a wifi enabled device is impressive (That being said I tried to order some and they were back ordered until this summer)

I do have a windows server so worst case I would have to software running there to do the translation.

Gotcha… that makes all the sense then to want something more powerful for those ranges.

Do you have anything like an outdoor light or another building between the two locations?  Maybe put a zigbee or zwave repeater unit there??

The hubs will most likely not have WiFi for some time. BUT, this doesn’t mean we can’t control WiFi devices. Since the hub is Ethernet, anything connected to the router can talk to each other. We’re working on using TCP/IP for device control. So if a device is on the same network as the hub (wired or wireless) and doesn’t use a proprietary control system, than the odds are good it will be compatible.

This functionality we can push out via firmware update when it’s ready, so you don’t have to upgrade hubs :slight_smile:

P.S. buried Ethernet to each building?! NIIIIIIICCCCEEEEEEE