Ubiquiti mFi Switches and sensors

Has anyone else run across these new sensors the Ubiquiti has on their site. Looks like you need something to run the “server” software. A hub that looks like it’s about 80 on Amazon and the sensors which are actually priced pretty good. I run all Ubiquiti gateways, switches and access points at my house and they have never let me down.

What can I look for to see if there is a way to have SmartThings talk to this? I have been on a LONG search of getting more reliable motion and door sensors that I’m not having to constantly chase after with batteries and repairing whe they want to act stupid.


Those are wired devices, not RF devices. (RJ45) They all run a wire to the “port” device. The port devices have Wi-Fi and ethernet capability in order to join your LAN, but the sensors do not.

mPorts and Sensors There are two mPortTM models available for connecting devices to the mFi network. The mPort has two mFi RJ45 connectors and a terminal block connector. The mPort Serial features RS232/422/485
serial connectivity through a standard DB9 serial port or
a terminal block connector. Both have built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet to connect to the IP network. Ubiquiti offers a variety of motion, temperature, current, and door sensors to connect to the mPort and your mFi network. These sensors connect to the mPort using a standard RJ45 cable, except for the mFi-DS, which connects using a terminal block connector.

The mPort device in turn is managed By software running on a laptop.

So…You can’t use anything directly with the smartthings hub. You might be able to capture signal directly from the wired devices using something like Konnected. @heythisisnate might have more comments on that.

Otherwise you would have to look for some sort of integration through the controller software. I didn’t see anything at first glance, but I didn’t look very deep into it.

Being that they are hardwired is really what I want. Or at least I think I want as I want to more accurately tell SmartThings motion and temp readings. Not to mention having to constantly keep a supply of expensive batteries around to chase down a low battery warning through the app. Maybe I just haven’t found the right sensor?

Now I’ve never written a program in my life. So I might not have any idea what I’m talking about. But poking around on Ubiquiti’s forum I found this github site where someone wrote a program that supplies a MQTT client and this site here about an MQTT bridge for SmartThings.

Am I on the right track here?