Ubi in SmartThings Internal Category?

I’ve connected both my Ubi and IFTTT account with SmartThings. Now IFTTT shows up under the SmartThings Internal category in the app and Ubi does not. Is there a reason why one would and one would not? I’d like to be able to modify my Ubi settings when I add a new Thing.

I think it’s just a different way to connecting things. I responded in the Ubi forums to your post asking how to add new things to Ubi.

Thanks for responding. I think the Ubi permissions app should show up in the Internal category along with IFTTT. I don’t know if this is Don on ST’s or Ubi’s end. Thanks for responding to my other post.

@chrisb, I just receive my Ubi today. Is there an ST device that pulls the temperature, humidty, and the like from the Ubi?

Yes however it is in beta. Since the whole Ubi experience is in beta, consider it like a beta of a beta.

They randomly selected me to be apart of it and unlocked UBI sensors such as temperature humidity etc. Contact them on their forum and maybe they will select you as well for the unlock.

Thanks for the info. I’ll ask in the Ubi forums.