Ubi Done with Beta

Over the past six months, as a member of Project Ubi Odyssey, you helped refine the Ubi.

We’re writing to give you a heads up that tomorrow at 8 AM EDT, you’re going to graduate to become an alumnus of the program. We’ll be moving out of beta and launching the Ubi to everyone.

You provided us with feedback on using the Ubi, you showed us how you wanted to interact with it, and you built cool applications that we hadn’t even thought about.

As your graduation approaches, we want to let you know that as an alumnus of the program, we’re going to provide you with the following:
First access to new features on the Ubi
Beta access to apps and integrations
Alumni-only updates
When we do release a hardware update of the Ubi, you’ll have access to it before anyone else

The other thing we want to offer you is this:

$100 off the purchase of an Ubi

You gave us a lot of faith and support and we want to let you share the Ubi with others. The coupon is good for the next 45 days.

On checkout, use the promotional code PROJECTUBIODYSSEY to get the discount.

You can use it starting tomorrow at www.theubi.com.

We’d love to continue to receive your feedback and look forward to sharing with you more exciting updates.


Team Ubi

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Haven’t seen that yet. Don’t agree its “done with beta”, unfortunately. But the product is coming along well!.

And an hour later, my email shows up. :smile:

Those incentives make me reasonably happy.

I received the same email. You think this means a hardware revision might be coming?

I haven’t received that e-mail yet.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see revved hardware - without that bright white LED :slight_smile:

I wonder if that means IFTTT comes out of beta tomorrow too…

Yes…this week anyway. http://forum.theubi.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=353

Funny. I got my “beta” invite yesterday. Waited on purchasing. Glad I did. Order placed. Thanks for the code!

FYI, that coupon code is not universal. I got an email with a different code that was only worth $50. I had signed up for the beta, but never purchased one.