Two Year Anniversary of CoRE

Just thought this would be fun. Tomorrow is the two year anniversary of the inception of CoRE. @ady624 has of course joined ST and is busy. But I thought I would post this thread and include some key posts that I found fun to reflect on.

On 4/28/16 this post started it all…

Here are some more key posts I enjoyed remembering…

And the final naming of CoRE

Of course this was all replaced by webCoRE.

But I just want to say thank you to @ady624 and of course I look forward to whatever he is doing at ST.


Wow, I didn’t realize base Core was only 2 years old let alone webCore. Wow that is a lot of progress in a short time!


Massive congratulations to @ady624 for creating CoRE 2 years ago! It’s unbelievable how much this SA has changed/improved the ST system. With @ady624 working for ST who knows what awesome stuff will appear!