Two switches into one?

The switches in my picture operate outdoor lights. I cant find a smart switch that would fit this setup, can I just plug the wires from both switches into one smart switch? They wouldn’t operate independently anymore but that’s fine with me.

There are in wall Micros that fit behind the switch plate and can handle two independent light sources. Those are probably your best bet.

There are two of those on the official “works with smartthings“ list, Fibaro and Aeotec. Both are good, they just have slightly different features. :sunglasses:

Do not use these for US outlets Unless you check the specs as they usually max out at 10 A. That’s fine for a light switch, but in the US most outlets are required by code to support 15 A. ( in Europe, the draw is lower, and they manufacture for both regions, which is why the product descriptions will say outlets. But not in the US.)

Yes, as long as they are on the same circuit and don’t max out the load.

I have several areas where I have 6-8 LED fixtures running off one Smart Switch without any issues.