Two situations make my routine that runs locally stop running locally. Is this a bug?

I have 1 motion/luminance Hue Motion Sensor and a switch Tuya zigbee, both with Edge driver.

I created a routine to trigger the switch when the sensor detects motion, this routine runs locally on the SmartThings hub.

  1. If I add to this routine to account for exact X illuminance, the routine continues executing local. However, if I inform the illuminance (greater than or equal to X) or illuminance (less than or equal to X), the routine stops executing locally.

  2. Another situation that causes the routine to stop executing locally is when I add it to the routine to detect movement and check the option “How long to keep the status?” and enter a time value. By doing so, the routine stops running locally.

Both are known issues, I don’t know if they’re considered bugs or just “features still in development.” Both have been discussed at length in the forum.

  1. illuminance “greater than” or “less than” forces an automation to the cloud.

  2. some kinds of duration/timers do as well.

Here’s one of several existing discussions. (The topic title is a clickable link.)

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As @JDRoberts mentioned. I am experiencing the same problems. To be fair this is still beta.


I’m going through the same problems, especially with regard to the light sensor, I don’t want to be inconvenient, but do you have any perspective of this being resolved?