Two Samsung logins with the same ID

Suddenly, my Android and IOS apps stopped seeing my “Home” location. they only see the default “My Home” location. After much researching, it appears that there are two identical accounts associated with my email address, one with my middle initial, one without it. One appears to be connected to SmartThings and was connected to Samsung Pay, cloud, etc. The other which must be new was associated with nothing. For example, using Samsung Pay, from my phone, it prompts for initial setup and does not see any usage history. Unfortunately, my phone and iPad are both connected to the new account. Is there a way to consolidate all services to a single account or otherwise fix the issue?

Hey there @Jim_Stine,

It is two separate IDs due to the included middle initial, As this is an issue with your Samsung Apps and Services for your Samsung Account.

It is highly recommended to reach out to Samsung Accounts Team Specailist Directly for further assistance.

You can reach them directly here:
US: 1-866-813-2404

I hope this message finds you well!