Two devices randomly switching off and on


Since yesterday I suffer annoying problem: two of my 69 devices are turning off and on for every half hour. The strange thing is that both of them are doing this at the same time, but both are cloud based (TP-LINK smart switch HS110 and Meross 4-point power outlet). I haven’t changed any automation nor any device.

Only one thing was changed: the WiFi router. I’ve already reset both of them and re-joined to WiFi again. Unfortunately it didn’t helped.

Any suggestions?

Do you use Alexa to voice control them?

I have Google Home.

Alexa has something called hunches what can make interesting things.

I haven’t find any suspicious things in log:

Okay, I know where was the problem: both devices had the same name - Smartthings has a serious bug. Linking the Meross account with Smartthings for the first time about year ago one of the Meross Smart Power Strip sockets was called “jarrón”. Later I’ve changed the name in both applications - Meross app and Smartthings. Unfortunately, the hub remembered the first socket name somewhere in the system. So when I added the TP-LINK Smart Switch calling it “jarrón” same day when changed the router, the conflict appeared. Renaming the TP-LINK Smart Switch should help. I will let you know if the problem has been fixed.
I found this accidentally removing the Meross Strip from the system and adding it again. The names from the first merge of the Meross and Smartthings accounts appeared:

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