Two default locations?

I just bought a Samsung 7 series UHD TV. It integrates with SmartThings fine, but there is one problem. Months ago, I accidentally created another location (home1) as a n00b error under the same hub as home (the original location). I can’t delete home1.

The new Samsung TV insists on pairing with home1. I can’t see a way to move things from home1 to home or create the Samsung thing in the home location.

When I try to delete the home1 location, I get this error :

Oh No! Something Went Wrong!


500: Internal Server Error



Reference Id



Thu Jan 03 03:33:12 UTC 2019

Samsung checked and said both locations are set to default, so that is why I can’t delete it. I have been fine with that since it isn’t doing anything and the true default location (home) works fine.

Any thoughts are welcome. Short of pairing all my things (I have over 30) to home1 and using that location, is there any way to get the Samsung TV to link to the correct location?

Thank you

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If you go the web interface and select Locations and edit the one you want to get rid of, there should be an option at the top that has Default set to true change it to false and save. It should then let you delete the second location through the app (may have to exit the app and re-enter to force a refresh).

The duplicate location was likely created when your ID was migrated from smartthings to Samsung. It happens.

The televisions may not work in the older location. The advice from support is normally to move everything from the old location to the new location that was automatically created for the Samsung ID. That does not mean that you have to re-– pair your devices. You just have to move them in the IDE from one location to the other.

To move devices from one Location to another, you must move all devices from the initial Location to the new one, including the SmartThings Hub. The devices will continue to be connected to the SmartThings Hub. This may be useful if you decide to move your existing SmartThings Hub and devices to a Location that already has non-SmartThings devices connected to it, such as an appliance or a television.

Once the original location is empty, then you can follow the advice to change it to default equals false, and then delete it.

This particular variation of this problem only occurs if you have a Samsung television or appliance.

See The following (this is a clickable link)

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Trying to move everything from home to home1. I am in the IDE, in Google Chrome, with JavaScript enabled. There is no “devices” tab, but there is a “My Devices” tab,so I click on that. I get a list of all my devices. so I click on “My Location” and I get a list of my locations. Never are there three dots anywhere on the screen. The only thing in the top right is a blue banner that says “Welcome back” then my email address.

Again, I do appreciate the help. Even though I will be 63 in April, my electronics experience started around 1960, so I’m not your typical grandfather who has to be shown how to use the remote.


Move devices from one Location to another

To move devices from one Location to another, you must move all devices from the initial Location to the new one, including the SmartThings Hub. The devices will continue to be connected to the SmartThings Hub. This may be useful if you decide to move your existing SmartThings Hub and devices to a Location that already has non-SmartThings devices connected to it, such as an appliance or a television.

  1. Tap on the Devices tab
  2. Tap the Location drop-down menu at the top of the screen
  3. Select your Location
  4. Tap the three dots in the top right
  5. Tap Edit
  6. Tap the three dots in the top right
  7. Tap Move all my devices
  8. Select the new Location
  9. Tap Move

It looks like you are trying to follow the instructions in the knowledgebase article that I linked to. Here is that link again:

Note that those instructions are for use in the “smartthings ( Samsung connect)“ app. Not for use in the IDE. That’s why the tab labels are different and you don’t see the three dots.


I need new glasses because I did not see the word app Thanks again. I feel like my issues are sophomoric now.

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Been there, done that. We all have. It’s even worse now that there are two apps, there’s not a person in this forum who hasn’t tripped up over that at some point. :sunglasses:


I assume I should be in the new Samsung app, not the Classic app? I don’t see all my things in the new app but they are there on the Classic app.

True is greyed out on both locations and I can’t change that.

If you do a Right mouse click on the field and select Inspect, you’ll get a screen that looks similar to:

If you double-click on the phrase readonly delete it, and then hit enter, it may let you change the field. It’s a small hack, but…

Do you have shared users on one or both locations?

Every Samsung account in SmartThings is supposed to have a “default location”. Some users end up with two default locations due to account sharing. Here’s an example: User A is the owner of Location A which is a default location. User B is the owner of Location B which is also a default location. User A shares access to Location A with User B. User B will now see two default locations.

Where it can get even messier is with account migration. User A is a SmartThings account and the owner of Location A. Location A is shared with User B which is a Samsung account. Because User B is a Samsung account and User A is not, user B is considered the owner on the Samsung side because there isn’t a record of User A there. User A then migrates the SmartThings account to a Samsung account. If the Samsung account for User A was previously used, there may already be a default location for that user, Location C. So again, we end up with two default locations.

It is possible to untangle things so that User A is the correct owner of Location A which will then allow for the deletion of Location C. BUT in doing so, User B has to get their own default location, we’ll call it Location D. This results in User A only seeing Location A, but User B sees Location A and Location D, neither of which User B can delete.

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That is an idea I had not thought of. I tried it several times but it is still a default location.

Thank you for the suggestion!

I am the owner on both, and my wife is shared on both accounts.

Again, this is the message I see when I try to delete the location :


500: Internal Server Error



Reference Id



Sat Jan 19 16:43:47 UTC 2019

I still cannot get my Samsung smart TV to pair with SmartThings Classic, but it is in the new app. I would use the new app but many of my things are not there but they are in the Classic app.

This is project 47 of many, so that is why I don’t reply sooner. It really depends on how I feel about working with something. If I don’t feel like doing it, it doesn’t get done right.

Try logging into IDE at using an incognito/private tab in your browser

So, I happened on a solution to this over the weekend by accident. We got new Galaxy watches that have the new app installed on them. I had originally turned off connected devices in the new ST App as a way to just turn off control of the hubs from the new app. Connecting the watches seems to have turned the new app back on for some reason.

In trying to find that setting I used to turn it off before, I noticed that the second user in the house was NOT a member of the home location that had all the devices in it on the new app only. (On my phone - owner account - she was showing as a user in the classic app, but not a member in the new app). Her home location in the new app did not have an address in it.

What I did to fix it was the following: I sent her an invite from the owning account in the new app. Had her accept it. She then had two home locations in the new app. I toggled back and forth a few times to make sure I was on the location with new devices. Then I clicked on manage locations on her phone IN THE NEW APP (NOT THE IDE). I clicked delete, and the phantom location was removed.

I did have a side effect of losing her presence sensor. Luckily, I had a screenshot of what automations her presence sensor was a part of and was able to fix them all.

Seems to be no other side effects.

So, it looks like something happened when migrating that all members/user were not transferred somehow on the new app even though they still had access to the classic app.

Hope this helps someone.

Now, if I could only find that setting again to disconnect the new app from controlling the hub. There used to be a setting that said something like control cloud related items or some such. I think that may have been removed.

The instructions linked here to move all devices is for an older version of the app. Does anyone know how to move all devices in the newest version?

I had similar/same experience as tweason

I had the same issue with two locations, both default=true.

Using inspector and removing read-only and changing the value did not help - no effect after update. Creating a new location and setting that to default: true, did allow me to set either of the other two original locations to false in the form without the inspector hack, but the changes still don’t take effect.

I couldn’t delete the second location in SmartThings API interface or through the old or new app! it would just say it was successful then not actually delete it.

Then! I get my partner to switch to the new app, it defaulted to the incorrect location, the one I’d been trying to delete. I invited her to the correct location, then she was able to delete the old location from her phone - which removed it from the platform generally.

So it seems ‘default location’ is actually per user account, and that’s why there can be two or more defaults, and why you can’t delete someone else’s default location?

So my advice would be, get everyone to log into the new app with the same Samsung account as the old app, then check their location, and remove any bad/incorrect locations by going to ‘Manage location’.

(Unlikely, but it might also have something to do with me using Android and her using iPhone)

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