Two AV Projects to Share (Samsung TV, Denon)

All; Gauging interest in the community on two projects and I just completed.

  1. Samsung TV: We were unwilling to wait for Samsung to step up, so running a server on a Raspberry PI, we built a device handler that can turn it on and off. It updates status once a minute. Here is the best part; when the TV has been off for a while, we can still turn it on with Power over IP!

  2. Denon 3400 (Heos): Again my son built a server to interface with a device handler on SmartThings. I wrote a device handler that does the following:

  • Operates in one of three modes: Zone1, Zone2 and All Zone
  • Controls volume
  • Controls Inputs
  • Rolls up to a Composite Device that coordinates modes
  • Received live status

All the code is fairly custom, but with some work could be made more general.

Any interest?


I would love to see how the heos code works with my system.

Do you use node.js on the Raspberry? If so, I would sure like to see the code (I have a node.js server for other SmartThing devices).

I will have my son put it together for posting. The device handler is … convoluted. The live feedback is a double edged sword. The Denon device has no concept of ALL ZONE and only provides the feedback it needs. I wish that ST had a better threading … Stay tuned and I will get some of the code made available this weekend…

Yes; node.js is being used on the Raspberry PI. The Denon code is the main part. The Samsung TV is a modification of the Denon code.