TV WOL working only on 3rd party app

Im not clever enough to know this answer but i am sure some if you guys know the answer

Why does my 2017 Samsung Tv turn on via Android app Fing WOL but not via a WOL smart app ??

Tv has a static Ip, all settings seem correct, i have used fing to find Tv open ports and tried all 3 open ports in the st wol smart app but it still dosent switch the tv on

Mac address is correct in the wol smart app, is fing using local ip and wol smart app using mac addressing ??

Why not just use webcore to run wol? You can use it via smartthings routines, Sharptools, or other methods.

Thats not the point, im trying to understand why fing starts the Tv but an St smart app dosent

I understand there are issues possibly in the Tv firmware and perhaps in the St backend but the actual reason eludes me