TV can no longer ST scenes or devices

Noticed an interesting problem with my TV (QE55Q80TATXXU) yesterday but not sure how long its been happening. ST on my TV can no longer see any devices or scenes. The TV itself is still fully controlable via the ST app on my phone. I cant even seem to get logging from the TV which seems odd. I also recently got the latest beta firmware but this may be just a coincidence.

Any suggestions on this one or anyone else run into it? I really miss being able to run my “Cinema mode” scene from my tv remote while on the couch and kicking off a film…

I’ve tried adding new scenes and devices to see if these will show up without success. I signed out of the tv and back in hoping that it might reload my devices, also without success. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Is there a way to reset the ST profile on the tv without resetting the whole tv? I’m looking to add another ST-capable tv in the next couple of weeks but wont if I cant get this sorted since I’m specifically buying an ST-capable tv to be able to look at the Ring camera live feed via ST…

This issue is widespread and usually attributed to a change in scenes at some point. Word is , it’s being worked on

Good to know, thanks. I’ve also reached out to ST support to try and get to the bottom of this.

Without any obvious help from ST support and without me explicitly doing anything, I can now access all scenes and devices through my tv again. I dont know why this has started working again though so cant suggest a course of action to others in a similar position.

From ST support today:
This is something our developers are now aware of and are looking into it.

Hi. I just updated the software on my 43 " Frame TV and still no fix for the SmartThings issue. Still no registered scenes or devices. When will this get fixed? Very expensive TV so I think the developers owe their consumers a commitment to a fixed date and timeline to either fix or troubleshoot this key functionality gap.

Since my post a couple of weeks ago, I’ve heard nothing back from ST support. I would recommend contacting them. It wouldn’t surprise me if they can fix something on the backend. (Someone else said similar in a post I came across before I posted but with no specifics so I think I’m in the same boat.) Thankfully, its been working without issues these past weeks.