Tuya Window Shade driver thinks shade is closed but it is open

I’m using the @iquix Tuya Window Shade edge driver for my Zemismart Zigbee window shade motors. I paired the first one and it works perfectly. However, when I paired the second one, it says it’s window shade: 0% “Closed” when actually it’s open. It also doesn’t stop at the programmed stops. The stops are programmed correctly and the shade works perfectly with the remote control.

Is there any way to “tell” it that it’s actually open?

In my case, I know there is a bug when the motor is on a side and the other is on the other side.

One will work well, and the other will always invert 0% and 100%.
Even if we inform it is reversed, but it won’t work properly.

There are ways to circumvent it in the driver, but it will always be a workaround that won’t work 100% of the times.

I am talking about my case.
I don’t know if they have fixed it already.

Yeah, I did think about that issue, but my motors were on the same side. I did end up fixing it by deleting all limits, deleting all remotes, deleting the device from the hub, re-pairing the remote, re-setting the up and down limits, then re-adding the device to the hub. After doing this, it mostly worked except for the down limit was somehow reset to being 20% lower, so I had to delete and reset the down limit, and now everything works perfectly.

I’ll be adding one more motor that is on the opposite side and I may have to use the “reverse” feature.


Very easy to set up and paired with the iquix driver with no issues. It’s silent and opens and closes perfectly as I tested this extensively. It can literally go to any percentage level. The routines are all working as well