Tuya light and SmartTag

I have a Tuya wifi light that I can get to show up in Google Home but not in SmartThings. I have a SmartTag that I would like to use to turn on the Tuya light but I need to do this in the SmartThings app but can’t get the device to show up.

I tried using Google Home as a work around but I cant get the SmartTag to show up in Google Home, any suggestions on how to make SmartTag control Tuya light?

Create a virtual switch in ST and control it with the SmartTag via routines if that is possible.

Then in Google home use the virtual switch to control the Tuya bulb.

You could also try creating scenes in the Tuya Smart Lufe app to turn the light on and off (one scene each). e.g. let’s call them TuyaLightOn and TuyaLightOff.

Smartthings should import the scenes when you go through the process to add a Tuya device. Note, the Tuya scenes will be imported as Smartthings switches.

To operate the light in Smartthings, turn on the corresponding switch. It’s a bit counter-intuitive to turn on the TuyaLightOff switch to tturn off the light, but there you have it. You need to turn off the scene/switch before you can turn it on again.

You can go a step further and create a virtual light device in Smartthings (say, VirtualTuyaLight) and have it drive the appropriate switches when you turn the vurtual light on and off with 2 automatic routines.

If VirtualTuyaLight On,
Turn on TuyaLightOn. Auto off afted 5 seconds.

If VirtualTuyaLight Off,
Turn on TuyaLightOff. Auto off after 5 seconds.

You can, of course, call the Tuya scenes and the Smartthings virtual light whatever you want.

I hope this makes some sense.

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