Tuya (Heiman) Zigbee Smoke and CO Detectors

I just found these Tuya Devices for Smoke and CO detection (separate modules) with 10 year Battery Life under brand name Heiman - you can find them on AliExpress.
It looks like they will integrate with SmartThings Hub - Zigbee HA3.0
At least per the specs they appear to have CE mark and EN14604 which is good for the EU which says something about their capability although don’t see any US certifications

I’m in the US so probably can’t be used as a required device - however I’m thinking these could be used as auxiliary devices, which could be used to deliver Smart Alerts (and even trigger the STHM?)
i.e. to supplement the ‘dumb’ (legal) detectors as opposed to replacing them?
They are certainly attractively priced at $22 per smoke and $38 per CO on AliExpress

Any Euro users here?

I have 3 smoke detectors of this model and with this modified dth from the original zigbee smoke detector it works very well and detects smoke correctly.
It works independently and with the app and sends notifications well, it also integrates well with STHM.
It sends status every 3 minutes and the battery after 9 months is still 100%.

Once the alarm is triggered, it only stops if the smoke level drops or the reset button is physically pressed on the detector and if the smoke level remains high, it triggers again.
The alarm cannot be stopped from the app.
In automations you can use the alarm event to activate other complementary actions

Heiman has been around for a long time: what makes you think those are Tuya devices? (I’m not saying they’re not, but they haven’t been in the past).

And there is no “Zigbee HA 3.0”. There is “Zigbee HA 1.2” and “Zigbee 3.0” Two different Zigbee profiles.

So “Zigbee HA 3.0” usually means either a counterfeit or a translation error.

Do you have a link to the specific product? If it’s the Heiman model that was available before Tuya started making Zigbee products, some community members have used the CO Detector in the past, but it’s a limited integration. See the following:

For the older Heiman smoke detector, see the link @Mariano_Colmenarejo gave you. :sunglasses:

I haven’t seen an integration for the Tuya smoke sensor yet. :thinking:


BTW, if you are in the US and have existing dumb smoke detectors, the easiest integration is to get the Ecolink firefighter. This is an audio sensor that listens for the specific beep pattern used in US residential smoke alarms. It’s on the US zwave frequency and works well with SmartThings. :sunglasses:

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Thanks - Yes, I know about Listeners.

I think the spec is a typo error - there is some poor English (as with most Aliexpress ads) - I believe it is zigbee 3.0 - depends which listing you look at!
One thing I noticed - some of the listings images show the Heiman Logo inverted and even when flipped the letters are still not correct!!! That probably says something about their authenticity (or lack thereof)
So first challenge is to spot the copies from the real Heiman devices

When you go to the official (?) Heiman shop on AliExpress


  1. the products cannot be shipped to USA
  2. This Smoke detector designed with ultra-low power Zigbee 3.0 ( compatible Zigbee HA1.2)

I bought them in this AliExpress store.
Sorry, I can not paste the link, it gives error, I do not know if it will be because it does not send to USA or AliExpress app
they are even cheaper.

Coolcam-IHOMECAM Store

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Thanks, I found it @Mariano_Colmenarejo - as you suggest, will not ship to US

Separately, I also came across Fibaro Sensors (zwave) which again, appear not available in USA

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The US and the EU have different smoke sensor acoustic patterns mandated by law. For this reason, you cannot normally get the sensors out of region even if you have a hub they will work with.

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Sure - I just wish these manufacturers would deliver a US product - there is nothing comparable in the US and looks like only options are the First Alert or a Listener (or a DIY solution to adapt std sensors which looks interesting)
Sure would be nice if the Nest Protect would integrate with ST - not sure if that is ‘coming’ in the future? Even the Nest Thermostats have limited integration however - they may pair into SmartThings but cannot use them beyond that, in Sharptools.

I had read that they were discontinuing the cloud component, is that not true?

There is a different company with a brand of “halo“ zigbee Lights which still work, so that may be the confusion.

There are a few US options. Open the app and look under fire/smoke sensor.

If you find an American style one that works with the smart life app, it looks like it should work. Or apparently the tuya zigbee Sensor is supposed to work, I haven’t heard of anyone who’s tried it.

That’s not true at all. They still work just fine when joined to smartthings.

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Ok. What happened when the cloud went away? Or did they postpone that?

From that article
Both the SmartThings hub and the Iris by Lowe’s hub will continue to support the Halo Alarm, so you can keep the smarts of your smart smoke detector as long as you connect it through one of those bridges. It just won’t be able to connect to Wi-Fi on its own any longer.


Iris by Lowe’s has itself been discontinued and shut down its Cloud since that article was written.

I see in the forum that some people say they still have theirs working and some say they have had difficulty adding new ones. But I’m glad if it’s working for you.

They still join as a zigbee device to your st network and if you have a plus model, you still get weather alerts.


Yup, what @saosinx88 said. I joined one not too long ago, but you have to use the Scan nearby option.

It’s too bad these guys folded because this device is nice. I have them everywhere and they make great night lights too with that LED ring.

Every so often one of their old engineers peeks his head in the Community, and I always ask who took all your IP and are they going to make this again or did they squash this because of competition. They used to be made just outside of Charlotte, NC and I used to drive by their place all the time.


I’ve gone ahead and ordered one of those Halos - try that out & see how it goes.

But I think I’m ultimately going to go this route:

So that will be an expansion of the basic premise of creating the Smart Things integration but utilizing Kidde’s own WIreless Interconnecting devices as the backbone. That means I can use one Hard-Wired device as the Co-ordinator and Relay(s) Trigger for the Contact Switches into ST and Battery Modules for the Wireless Satelltites which will be located in each Bedroom.

I love my HALO. Seems to work great. Haven’t been on fire yet, but I will update this post if I die in a fire or from CO2 poisoning. :wink: