Turning on/off sensor with virtual switch

This may already exist so I figured I would ask here first. I want to be able to turn a motion sensor on and off with a virtual switch and receive a message (pushbullet, text, etc…)when there is motion and only when the switch is on.

I want to put a motion sensor outside facing my back door so when we let the dogs out I can flip the virtual switch and receive a message when they return to the door and are ready to come in. Then I can then turn the virtual switch off so I don’t receive any more messages.

Is there something like this already out there?


If you have SmartRules (see here - http://smartrulesapp.com). you could easily setup a rule to handle this with no coding required:

if this happens:
Back Door Motion detects motion
while this is true:
Dog Switch is on
then do this:
Send Push

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Thanks @obycode. I have been looking for a reason to buy this app :smile:

Will try it out, thanks!

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