Turning on air-conditioning with IR commands?

So I’m setting up a room where I want to turn on the aircon via movement. I’ve already got the motion sensors. Is there any way I can get the smart things to send an IR signal?

Smartthings can’t send it commands itself. But what you can do it get a harmony hub and connect it to smartthings. I use harmony hubs to send commands to different devices all throughout my house.

Harmony works great with ST but is kinda overkill for just one device. There are a couple of IR blaster projects listed here. There is also this device that seems like a nice cheap solution:

The FAQ should be of interest. In particular, there’s a Z wave to IR thermostat device made specifically for this purpose which works well with SmartThings ( this is a clickable link):

Over here in Mexico, there is a device called cuby (https://cuby.mx/en). Its an IR blaster with temperature and humidity monitoring with its own App. I havent found a way to integrate it with SmartThings, but the App Works just fine.

It would be nice to integrate cuby to Smartthings or have it work as a thermostat with included AC controlling.

Any updates about cuby integration with ST?