Turning on a switch only if it hasn't been turned on before

(Daniel Consuegra) #1

Hey all!

I’m trying to get this heater on for just 1 hour on weekdays ONLY if presence is detected between 8am and midday…

The thing is I only need it to turn on ONCE… but right now… if any of the people with presence devices go into the geofence… The heater turns on… even if it was on just a few seconds before!

I’ve done this piston:

● Any of Daniel or Laura presence changes to present
◦ Time is between 8:00 AM CET and noon
Using Caldera...
► Turn on
► Send notification 'Caldera Encendida' to [Daniel - PUSH]

What should I add?


(Chris) #2

If someone is home at 8am do you want it to turn on too, or only if someone arrives after 8?

(Steve Jackson) #3

I would use a virtual switch that gets turned on with the heater. Then add the condition that this switch must be off along with your original presence for the heater to turn on. After the time period is over have another piston turn off the virtual switch. Unless I’m missing something, this should work.

(Daniel Consuegra) #4

The thing is, this is my office that I’m dealilng with… noone’s supposed to be there at night… lol!

And this is for a water heater so that we can have warm water in the winter…

I’ve seen that with just an hour of warming up, we have warm water for the entire day…

Soo, I don’t want it to warm the water 2 or more hours…

(Chris) #5

So is that a no? I ask because it affects how you might set up the piston.

(Daniel Consuegra) #6

ok… I get your point… let’s assume we want it just once per day… no matter the time… so if I suffer an insomnia attack and go to work at 4… I will have warm water… but it will not do it again until the next day…

(Dustin Clark) #7

Edit: just saw re read your last description. Just remove the TIME condition and this will work once a day

(Chris) #8

Another alternative without variables…

Latching piston

Any of Daniel or Laura changes to present
Then (on state change only)
Using Caldera, Turn On
But If
Time happens at midnight (or whenever you want it to reset)
[no actions]