Turning on a light from IFTTT auto turn off after x mins unless triggered from swtich?

Let me try to explain what im doing as best as possible,

I have a ring camera, im using IFTTT to use that motion to turn on my porch light, I have the smart app that will shut the light off after 20 mins, but i want to override that if i manually turn on the light (meaning i want it to stay on)
any help would be appreciated!

I have a similar set up but a different situation.

I want the light to turn on if there is motion but I dont want the light on durning the day. We live in the city and keep our porch light on all night.

Here is what I have.

A GE12722 Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control On/Off Switch which turns on/off my porch light. I also use a regular LED bulbs in the light.
IFFT Recipe: If new Motion detected by Ring at Front Door, then Smartthings Switch on Outside Light - Front Door
Smartthings: Turn on porch light at sunset. Turn off at Sunrise.

The IFFT recipe is kind of useless since I have it go off during the day and stay on at night but I figure if anyone triggers the motion during the day they can see I’m pretty serious about home security and who knows what else I might have.

Hope this helps a little.

Maybe a smartapp on this post will help. When physical switch on. Stay on.

How do you get the light to turn off after 20 mins?

I setup IFTTT to turn on porch light when new motion detected from Ring but don’t know how to turn off after 1 minute?

There are two ways.

You could have IFTTT turn on a virtual switch which can act as a timer instead of directly turning on your regular switch. See the how to article in the community – wiki for setting that up:


Alternatively, you can use web core, which is a very powerful community created rules engine and lets you do all kinds of things. However, set up is fairly complicated and it might be overkill for just a simple light timer.

There are lots of community members will be glad to help you with it if you do decide to use web core. Here’s the initial FAQ for that: