Turning off outlet for a minute to reset router/modem

I want to be able to reset my router for a minute. The problem is that my hub is connected to the router so by turning it off I wont be able to turn it back on. I want to be able to execute the program and have it run while the router is off (the hub is offline).

There are likely a few dozen products for this use case… Hard to think of the right search terms, but try Amazon, Adafruit, and similar suppliers.

If you want to build your own; this would be a fun little product for SmartThings Smart Shield (ThingShield) + Arduino with a low voltage relay (the router power is probably 12v? 5v?). The Arduino easily can count down 60 seconds to re-flip an NC (normally closed) relay…

I used a Wemo (outside of ST) - works great.

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I just used a timer that the unit was plugged into, that would turn it off at a designated time and then back on. You can find these at various stores. No need to use ST to make this happen. Cheaper as well

Thanks for your replies!!!

I actually wanted to reset my router through “Samsung SmartThings Outlet” by using the SmartThings app. I was hopping to accomplish through by programing it on the smart things, similar to this Trigger light to go on/off/on within 3 seconds.


Wemo uses WiFi, right? Where does the schedule run? In the outlet unit itself? No Internet needed to turn on itself?

Rebooting my router doesn’t kill my WiFi, but I digress. I believe it is stored in the device. It’s worked for 2 years. I guess another plug for “local” control.

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In case you never found an acceptable solution, there is a simple one outside Smartthings.


Available on amazon and elsewhere.