Turning lights on dimmed

Sorry for the stupid question but when I set my evening lights to come on at 1% they first come on a full brightness and dim to 1% which when there are 9 spotlights creates a mini disco.

When they are triggered the next time they are fine, but it’s just that first instance and the routine prior to evening is come on at 100%.

Am I doing the rule wrong ?

In your routine uncheck Turn On and just have dimmer selected.


Well I feel stupid, although I see I can’t do that in smarter lighting. Doesn’t let me uncheck

Don’t. The behaviour has changed over time as we’ve moved from DTHs to drivers.

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{Smacks self in head}

I never knew that was possible!

I’ve got an early morning “scene” that turns on some lights to low level. I’ve been getting blasted with whatever brightness they were on when last used for … years…

Thank you!


and i have just noticed if lights are capable of circadian lighting, colour and dimming you can now set a routine that fades up or down from any set % and you can set how long the fade takes… never knew that, i thought it was only available with Marianos driver, huh !

There are capabilities named synthetic.lightingEffectCircadian and synthetic.lightingEffectFade - I first saw them on virtual lights created via the API.

was only because of @Shanebo post i took a look at one my automations out of curiosity, surprise lots of options i never knew existed, wish ST would give us a changelog … someone must have one, somewhere, you would think ! :thinking:


You’re all welcome lol

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Thanks the tip, this worked for my Zigbee bulbs. An FYI for anyone else, the solution doesn’t apply to LIFX bulbs - I just tried.

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Interesting. Unfortunately, if you remove “Turn On” from the routine that removes the option for “Auto turn off”

True. I forgot to mention that.