Turning Blubs On and Off?

I’m into this home automation and light control, but my wife not so much. I used to have a bunch of X10 stuff in the day and a really nice features was if you had a X10 wall plug with a light plugged in you could turn it on/off with an X10 remote switch OR if you turned the light switch at the lamp ON-OFF-ON it would also turn on. Is there a similar way to control Smart bulbs

If not I guess my options are to install Smart Switches. Smart Bulbs sure are cheap! Or get a number of remote fobs.

That’s an option that has to be built into each device, and most zwave manufacturers no longer offer it because it confused people. It also just wouldn’t work with a smart bulb configuration because cutting the power off to the lamp is upstream from the bulb itself. So the option would have to be built into the dumb table lamp, which just isn’t likely.

There are a number of different switches that you can use with smart bulbs and even buttons you can stick onto a table lamp. See the following for some possibilities (this is a clickable link):

The Centralite dimmer works like that. Power cycling the plugged in light will turn it on.

But then you need to use it with dimmable dumb bulbs. Smart bulbs should never be put on a dimmer switch that controls the current to the bulbs, smart or dumb, or the bulb and the switch will confuse each other.

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Yes, you’re right, there would be no reason to use a smart bulb with that dimmer module.

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