Turn on the AC in the evening, but only if the door is closed?

Soooo, first time poster and lurker. Need help. I have central ac, and I have a wall unit that I use in my bedroom. My wall unit is on a smart socket and my bedroom door has a an open close sensor. I would like to program a routine that says:

Turn on the outlet
For the ac
At 5:clock10:30
Only if the door sensor is closed.

No, luck with the last condition, any help

Which version of the SmartThings app are you using? They do have somewhat different rules engines. (The FAQ title is a clickable link.)

I’m on the classic app

In that case, it can be done, but not with the official features. You’ll need some custom code. See the following FAQ (the topic title is a clickable link)

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Use webCore

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