Turn on standby LED for Zigbee wall switch

This is an odd problem. I recently got a Zigbee wall switch to control a regular ceiling light. Originally it’s a Tuya SmartLife product but I’ve used the ST classic app to pair it as a thing directly with the ST hub then edited it as a Zigbee switch on the groovy browser page. I can control it for basic on and off. The problem is, I know it has a standby light to see the switch in dark but it’s not on. I’m pretty sure it’s an option but having paired it as a generic Zigbee switch, I don’t have access to its options screen.

Does anyone have an idea how to do this?

I’ve contacted the seller but I’m pretty sure they’ll try and sell me their own zigbee hub for the SmartLife app, claiming the LED is off because it’s paired with the ST hub. Which is technically true but I believe there is a simple way to turn on the standby LED using the ST hub if I can figure out the option code to control this LED. I don’t need another hub in my life.


Who is the manufacturer and what is the model number?
And can you post a zigbee fingerprint?

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Thank you for replying. I got this on Aliexpress. I guess these are no-name OEM products so there are no manufacturer details. I’m sorry, I’m not sure where I can access the zigbee fingerprint. I can’t see it on the device page on groovy.

Look for the raw description in the IDE, like this:

Raw Description 01 C05E 0200 02 09 0000 0003 0004 0005 0006 0008 0300 0B05 1000 04 0005 0019 0020 1000

And what is written on the back of the device?

Can you make a picture of it? Or the box?

Here’s a photo of the back. There isn’t anything helpful on the box. I searched for how to view the device handler code but I couldn’t find it.

Find the device in the list of devices in the IDE. Click on it, and there where you see all the details you will see the Raw description of the device.

Got it, thank you

@ibeccc, I have looked at the Zigbee clusters what the fingerprint shows, but I cannot find any indication how it would be controllable through any zigbee command.

Otherwise looking at your first picture, the cabling (colors) are either wrong or definitely not standard and can lead to a major incident.

L should be the input live (black or brown), L1 should be the controllable device’s live output from the switch, should be black or brown colour again. At the other end of the fixture you should have neutral (blue) connected to the fixture. And the yellow-green, safety ground should be connected to the outside metal part of the fixture.
Are you using this switch as a physical switch or just like a “non-wired” switch to control devices in ST?

Ok, thank you very much for your time and concern. The switch has power in it. The cabling is not standard, I know. That’s Turkish craftsmanship for you. They were probably out of the right cable colour or had an excess amount of ground cable they wanted to get rid of, I don’t know. Those are the 2 cables I disconnected from the original switch and the one into L is the live one, I checked.

The switch is one of those that don’t require a neutral connection. I specifically got it for that reason. Maybe that’s the reason the standby light doesn’t come on, because it certainly lights up red when the switch is on and the circuit is closed. But then how does it receive an “on” signal from the hub? I’ll open up the faceplate, maybe there’s a battery in it that needs connecting.

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I was wrong, no battery. Maybe I have to accept the fact that there’s actually no standby light function.

Some answers how it is working with only Live connection.

Your idea about battery wasn’t that bad, but it probably does differently. Even the stand by light could be possible, but that might not be the way for it. It might just indicate that the switch has been pressed. You get might be better result if you ask the seller, but knowing the Chinese sellers they might tell you stories about how it is working or not working even knowing nothing about it.

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Haha you’ve got that right. Probably false advertising. It’s fine, it does its basic job and when it’s dark it comes on if you put your whole hand on plate. It just might be more difficult to turn on the one you want with 2 or 3 gang versions in dark.

I’ve asked someone on a Domoticz issue, who has the same switch, with ZiGate, the night light/stand-by light is not working neither. He will try to pair it to a Tuya hub, but I believe it is just false advertisement.

Thank you for getting back to me Gabor. I’m curious if that would work. Please let me know. I asked the vendor about the issue and they said they would contact the manufacturer about it then the Chinese New Year started.