Turn on/off Smart things commands when partial power is shut off?

I want to install an on/off switch for my outside lights. The predicament I have though, when it heavily rains, it trips the breaker and shuts down my front room + outside lights. (I will fix this eventually, but for now…)

Currently, obviously if it is switched on and I flip the breaker back on, it shuts back off. So I am asking is there a way to shut off the switch before I flip the breaker back on.

IMO fix the short first while the house has not burned down yet. Patch the leak and whatever you got to do. The circuit breaker is working FOR NOW.

This could be your final warning.

The Z-Wave GE Wall Switches that I have installed each have a small tab at the bottom of them that you can pull out to disable the switch. This is useful for changing out a lightbulb to make sure the power is off to the light fixture (although not as safe as turning off the breaker and confirming with a voltmeter… can you tell that Lock Out Tag Out, LOTO, has been drilled into my brain?)

Please get an electrician out to your house to fix the moisture issue. It sounds like an outdoor light fixture or outlet is getting wet and tripping the GFCI circuit. Get some caulk and seal things up. Make sure your outlets have weatherproof covers installed.

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