Turn on lightstrips if TV is turned after evening

Hi, I want to turn on lightstrips only when tv is turned on after 7 pm. Or if TV is already turned on at 7 pm. Can someone please suggest how I can achieve this?

Your first hurdle is to determine if the tv is on or off, or when it gets switched on. My thought would be to use a load sensing receptacle or socket. This should work presuming that when the TV is on, the draw is increased enough over when it’s off to measure. I’ve never tried this so I’m not sure if that would work or not. This method has worked for other appliances, though.

Once you can determine if the tv is on or when the tv is turned on, you could use webCore to turn the lights on, conditioned upon the time and whether or not the tv is already on or switched on.

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Another possibility, Just a thought - as I don’t have a logitech Harmony to know if this is possible - but could you use a harmony remote to turn the TV on and pick up that action in ST OR if there is a IR receiver compatible with ST, then position that to also receive the V remote signal and hence trigger the lighting.