Turn on light with doorbell, and shut it off, unless it was already on

Hey all- I was fairly well-versed back in the Groovy days, but after some time I’m trying to get reacquainted now.

Can I do this with the “Smart lighting” app? Or perhaps with normal Routines? So far I’m stuck.
When someone rings the doorbell (in Smart lighting, this is a button press), I want to turn on my foyer lights. Then after 10 minutes, I want them to go off again. However, if the foyer lights were already on, then don’t do the auto-off.

With routines, I can make a condition for “lights not on” + “doorbell pressed”, which should work, other than I want other things to happen whether the lights are on or not.

Using smart lighting, the auto-off functionality is only available when the action is “turn off”.

I guess I don’t understand the use case. If the light is already on, then why do anything when the doorbell is pressed?

If the light is off, use a precondition in your Routine to check the state of the light when the triggering event (doorbell pressed) happens:

If Light is off (precondition)
   Button is pressed
   Turn on light with auto-off after 10 mins

My hope was to have one routine responding to the doorbell, and it would do like 3 things (take a picture, turn on this light, text me, or something like that). The more I think of it, I could just have two different routines, one for the foyer light (with preconditions like you mentioned), and another for the other things.


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Yes, I think you need two Routines because you want the light to be turned on only when it is off and you want the other things to happen all the time.

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That is a (renamed) feature carried across from the old Smart Lighting app. It just turns a device off when it has been on for a certain period of time.

The Smart Lighting app is basically leading you through a process of selecting one of a number of templated rules without you noticing and then configuring it. So if your scenario isn’t one covered by a template you are out of luck. On the plus side the templates may sometimes handle more complex tasks than a single Routine can.