Turn on light by ringing door?

I want, that my light turns on when some ring my Ring-Doorbell Pro and the Sun is down. After something like 1 minute, the light should change back to the last status. So when it was off before it turns off again, but when it was on 60% it should turn to 60% again.

Using the built in automation tool in SmartThings, you can connect your Ring Doorbell & setup an automation to Turn on lights after sunset. You can also have the lights turn off or even set it to a desired level BUT you it cannot determine the “last state” of the lights.

If you’re familiar with Home Assistant, you can connect the two together and their system have the option to remember the last state of the lights.

I am new to smartthings. Is it possible to do that with a smart app, or virtual dimmers?

I don’t know of a smart app that will remember the last state of the light.