Turn on hue light with set color, when me or SO get home, after sunset?

Hi everyone,

I’m new and I would like to do the following:

  1. If: (me or my SO get home) and sunset
  2. then: turn on 2 hue light with a given color and dim setting

Right now I have my “I’m back” automation set to do this:

  1. Turn on these lights: hue1 and hue2
  2. set dimmer: 50%
  3. Automatically perform:
    a. someone arrives: My phone or hers
  4. at sunset

Alas, this does not do what I want. Can you point me in the right direction?


Core should be able to do this.

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Could you not do.the lighting portion with smart lighting? Here’s one I have that is similiar:


Are the two Hue lights visible from outside? I would advise against having lights on depending on presence, especially outside. You’re technically telling an observing (and witty) thief when you’re home and when not. Just from a security stand point of view, I would avoid such “signals”…

I assumed he was looking for lighting upon arrival. That’s all mine do. I modified my actual setup to post here. It just lights up so you can see coming in. Then another smart lighting rule could turn it off. Or you could do it manually.

Most of my normal (were home) lights already turn on at sunset no matter what. If a thief has watched MY house at all they probably already know if we’re home. Lighting isn’t going to matter and the dog would probably just bring them a ball to play.

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Not visible from outside. Thanks for the advise!

Thanks! In case someone has no clue what CoRE is:

Almost exactly what I want, but i cannot set the color of the lights. I think CoRE will do the trick.

Only color lights I have are garden spots. I can set a color and dimmer level on them in smart lighting. I don’t have any experience with hues.