Turn off thermostats and fans when smoke

Is there an easy way to turn off thermostats and fans when SHM detects smoke? I think this can be done with multiple apps, but seems a PITA. Also how do I get the thermostat to go back to its previous state when alarm is cleared?

Another job for CoRE!

I don’t know “how” you do it, but I know this is a pretty useful idea. Seems like something a lot of folks could benefit from. Good luck.

You can do this with CoRE.

Here’s an example:

Everything you need to know is in the wiki here:


I was able to do this by using the Universal Device Type and the Thermostat Mode Director app. I created a simulated smoke alarm and contact sensor virtual device. I use IFTTT to turn on this Virtual smoke sensor whenever smoke is detected from my Z-Wave smoke/co alarm or my LEEO Smoke Alert

The Thermostat Mode Director app then shuts off my Thermostats when the Virtual Smoke/Door sensor is on (On = Smoke Detected and Contact Sensor Open).