Turn off the heat when room is unoccupied

I’m looking for a solution for this:

Problem statement:
I have a basement we’ve just finished. I have a smart thermostat down there. Room is 90% unoccupied, except when it is occupied. So we leave the heat off unless someone is down there We’re running at 9 out of 10 times the kids forgetting to turn the heat off when they are done down there.

This is pretty simple to solve. (Motion Sensor, move the heat down when no activity for a while)

The problem I have is my kids plan on having sleep overs down there. That pretty much guarantees that in the middle of the night the heat is going to shut off.

I’m trying to avoid solutions where I have to specifically do something to override this (otherwise, why bother trying to automate it).

Does anyone have thoughts on how to approach this?
The best plan I have is some kind of notification if the heat is still on at 10pm. But I’m not even sure how to do that.

Simple routine

It is 10 PM
and thermostat is in heat mode

Send notifications (push or sms)

I would set a time period in your if condition for the no motion setback to occur. That way the setback will not occur after a certain time at night.

do you have a door on the basement? Is it the only point of exit?

If so, use it to create what’s called a ‘wasp in a box’ (If you put a wasp in a box, and close it you know he’s in there until you open it right?)

Put a contact sensor on the door, now you can:
If door closed and motion… Do something to indicate occupied (vswitch?) UNTIL the door opens again. (I mean if the door is closed and there was motion - either you have a ghost or an occupied room and I’d bet it’s not a ghost…

Then you base your motion routines on the wasp vswitch. Essentially as long as that door stays closed; they can sleep, play, whatever the lights won’t change - the minute that door opens though - you’re back to a normal motion routine.

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