Turn off lights when door is locked

Anyway to turn off the outside lights when I lock a smart door? I would like to turnoff the porch lights and landscape lights when I am done for the night and locked up

Couldn’t this just happen with a hello, home mode? Lock the doors, turn out the lights, etc. sounds like you could just use Good Night.

I literally just created a smartapp to turn on the lights when the door unlocks and I saw your post. I threw in the function to turn them off after reading this.


Done…awesome. Only thing to do better would be to set start/end times so you only turn outdoor light on after dark

@GS05 Working on that…

@GS05 Done. Added fuctionality to work only between certain times.

Awesome…just test, works great.

You should do sunrise/sunset settings, but that may be a pain!

Even better when it sends an alert when the door unlocks?

I’m wanting to have a light that can show me a quick status of things. For example, if the garage is closed and all door locks are locked, then the light is off. But if any door lock is unlocked, the light is one color. If the garage is open, the light is another color.

Anyone have any thoughts on how this can be accomplished? The stock lighting control appears to toggle the “off” for the light when any of the locks are locked, but that doesn’t mean that ALL of the locks are locked.

Thanks for your thoughts.

This sounds like something that either CoRE or SmartRules (if you are an iOS user) could easily do.

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Ifttt works great