Turn off fan if door open for 20 mins, can I do this with built in apps?

CoRE and webCoRE are both built under GPL v3.0 which makes them free and the license cannot be modified to become restrictive like Apache license allowed RM to go “private”.

If the author drops CoRE or webCoRE, anyone else can pick it up and continue it. RM will not happen all over again, this is one of the founding pillars of CoRE/webCoRE.


Definitely looks like that will work!

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Weird I swear I replied to this but my response is no where to be found. My main issue with CoRE is that it runs over the Internet vs smart lighting being local. I just don’t love knowing that my automation is reliant on a consumer cable connection is all lol. Not a huge deal for bathroom fan, but it’s the main reason I am iffy is I like things being local is all, especially when it comes to security related programs like if the door unlocks with code #5, then turn off the alarm etc. But end of the day I guess the Internet is pretty reliable so not a huge deal.