Turn off alarm

(rob) #1

I want my daughter to be able to turn of and on the alarm but I don’t want her to have full access to SmartThings since she could mess it up. I was using SmartTiles but it no longer works. Any suggestions?

(Cristofer Johnson) #2

(Jimmy) #3

use a button as above, a doorlock code, a presence fob, her phone connecting to wifi…


You can find Minimotes for about $20
Has 4 buttons…I use one for 1 - Arm, 2 - Disarm, 3 - Panic alarm, haven’t found a use for the fourth "yet":thinking:
Works great.

(Mark) #5

Smarttiles was replaced by actiontiles. There’s now a license fee but it would cost you about the same to buy a minimote.

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Do you want her to turn it off or also turn it on? If you’re just looking to turn it off you can use the Double Tap smartapp to turn off a switch/alarm when a physical switch is double tapped. Why would want her to turn it on?