Turn of Harmony Activity after certain amount of time with no motion?

Looking for way to trigger harmony activity to turn off after certain amount of time of no motion. I see turn off under harmony smart app but not motion control.

Basically my wife leaves different tvs on around house from 2 yo running around. Trying to auto turn them off if no motion for set time

If you have added Harmony to Smartthings, then you will be able to expose your Harmony activities in Smartthings as simple on/off switches. I turn off my entertainment system when we go to bed or leave the house. I just run a routine that turns off all the Harmony switches.

some tv’s also have an auto power off after no activity for a certain time

Add a motion detector, and then a Webcore piston of no motion sensed for x minutes. That said, of you’re watching a really good movie, you might want to raise your hand once in a while so it doesn’t cut out on you. :wink:

Or just use Smart Lighting. I do exactly that with the TV in my office. No motion for 30 mins then turn off the Harmony switch in ST.

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yup, Smart Lighting.