Turn lights on using Scout alarm motion sensor

Does anyone know how to set up automations using Scout motion sensors with GE smart light dimmers? Smartthings doesn’t recognize Scout in the “automations” section and I haven’t figured out how to make it work using IFTTT.

Assuming you also have the Scout control panel and are paying for the Scout service, you can use IFTTT as follows:

  1. Use Scout as the “if” and trigger on a specific motion sensor. Note that this only works if your scout system is armed.

  1. Use smart things as the “that” And select the specific light that you want to have come on.

That should do it. There may be some lag (at my house it’s a pretty typical eight seconds, which might be OK for yard lights coming on but Would be too long just for having lights come on when one of the family walked into the room).

Also, note that there isn’t any way to have the lights turn off again after a period of inactivity, because the scout IFTTT service doesn’t report inactivity. Scout is still looking at this in terms of home security, like having a siren or security lights come on when an intrusion is detected.

Thank you. This worked perfectly.

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I haven’t been able to figure out if you can add multiple “if” or “then” functions: for example, if you want to turn specific lights on: kitchen light + living room light. Or if you want to turn a light on after triggering an alarm only if it’s a certain time of day.

Not through IFTTT by itself.

You could have the IFTTT applet turn on a virtual switch in smartthings and then have different stuff happen when that switch comes on depending on all of your other conditions. How complex that would get depends on which version of the SmartThings mobile app you are using And the exact details of the rule you want to set up.