Turn light on by sound?

I want to turn on a light when the TV is turned on in the morning. (or during non daylight hours) Here’s the situation. I have a Samsung Smart TV, Bose Solo sound unit and DirecTV. I want to be able to use the DirecTV remote -or- the Bose Solo remote to turn the TV and sound system on (Not SmartThings / iPhone) then have a light turn on.

I was thinking if there was something that measures voltage then I could hook it up between the electrical outlet and the Bose Solo then trigger a light module when the Bose system is powered up -or- if there was a device that detected sound then it could trigger for the light to go on.

I’ve tried searching this community and for some reason couldn’t find anything. Any help is appreciated.

There is a thread about laundry Monitor. Using an aeon smart plug to warn or turn on light at certain wattage draw. If you couldn’t find it then I will post a link later since searching on my phone is a pain.

A custom smartapp could do this, but sound pressure level would have to be an attribute at this point. We need a sound pressure capability added. Please visit this thread and describe your use case.

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I’m not sure if the Quirky Spotter using IFTTT could trigger something, because i have one next to my TV and it detects when the TV turns on.