Turn a switch on when Alexa alarm sounds?

Hi there. Anyone know the best way to accomplish having a light switch turn on when an Alexa alarm goes off? I know there is an IFFFT command but thats just for Hue. I need to integrate with a switch thru Smartthings. My daughter is sleeping though her alarm and I need a solution here… A bright light should do the trick!!! :wink:

The IFTTT channel isn’t just for Hue. The Alexa service/channel does have an “if” trigger when the alarm goes off and then you can use any IFTTT service/channel for the " that"–including SmartThings. So you can have the echo alarm going off turn on a virtual switch in the smartthings channel and you could have that switch coming on run a routine or a SmartLights automation and so do pretty much anything that smartthings can control, including turning on multiple lights. :sunglasses:


If you haven’t used a virtual device before, You create it one time and after that it will show up in your list of switches along with all your other switches.

Or if you just want to turn on a single light switch, then just select that as the “that” in the SmartThings channel and you’ll be all set. :sunglasses::level_slider::bulb:

I knew I could do this and attempted it but, for some reason it wasnt giving me the option to mix/match services. I got it now though. Thanks !!!

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Oh wait… it doesnt give me the option to pick which Alexa device I want ??

“If you alarm goes off, then switch on Ashleys lights”

How does it know to look for the Alexa in that room… i have 5 Alexas.

At the present time, the echo IFTTT service does not let you select the device for the alarm.

It’s possible you may be able to do this with EchoSistant or AskAlexa, I just don’t know. Those are both community – created smart apps which adds a lot of extended functionality to echo. So I’m just going to tag the creators of those two smartapps and see what they have to say.

@MichaelS @bamarayne

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You’re very helpful @JDRoberts, thanks!


Unless @MichaelS knows something we don’t know, It is not possible to know which device was used.

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I actually use my app, Talking Alarm Clock, to control the lights in association with the IFTTT trigger on the Alexa alarm. That has worked flawlessly for me for years. While it will trigger from your account and not the device there are creative ways around that as well.

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Sorry, as far as I know, the echo devices are invisible.

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Hey Jason, what do you do with your echo devices? Use case?

Well, I do all kinds of things with my Echo devices. I use them to send messages throughout the house, command everything, and do a whole lot more…

I’m running some custom apps that are only on my system that I can’t talk about right now… :wink:

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sshhhhhh… it’s a big surprise!!!

Can someone post the for dummies guide on one this one please.

Turning on lights when an alarm goes off using IFTTT? There is a trigger in IFTTT where you link your account to Amazon. Then you simply trigger off the alarm event: