Trying to Understand the ST Smart Home Monitor Dashboard re Temperature

(Bryan) #1

I’m trying to understand why some things are displayed in the Smart Home Monitor dashboard and others not.

For simplicity and testing, I have a hub that has only one device connected, a ST Water Leak Sensor. After the sensor connected without issue, I went to the Smart Home Monitor Dashboard and using the Setup menu, designed a push and sms notification for a leak. This notification fires as designed when the probes get wet.

At this point, when I view the Smart Home Monitor Dashboard, it has an entry for “Leaks” that displays appropriately, either showing “ok” or showing a leak.

I then went back into the Setup menu and configured a 2nd rule (via custom) for temperature with a push and sms notification for when the temperature drops below a certain point. This notification also fires as designed when the temperature drops below the threshold.

My question is why I don’t see a 2nd entry for the temperature rule when I return to the Smart Home Monitor Dashboard. I have 2 rules, both working properly. I see the status entry for the “Leak” rule, and I would expect to see a status entry for the “Temperature” rule as well, but I don’t.

Why do I have a status entry for one but not the other? The notifications work and I know I can go the the individual device via the My Home tab, but it seems to be that there ought to be a status entry for each rule in the Smart Home Monitor.

(William S.) #2

I think it has to do with how it is currently coded / designed.

The Right Now overview shows you information for the three main alerts of Security, Smoke, Leak.

Any custom alerts such as the ones I have with Presence aren’t currently included. Why I cannot say but it is how it is now as you have noted.

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #3

Yes… Half-Baked!

Ba dum Bum

(Dan) #4

I’d really like to see custom monitoring rules on the home screen. Hopefully this will be added in the future. Thanks for the answer on this.