Trying to understand energy logs

Hi, I’m having some problems to be able to read the ST logs on energy on my AC unit.

I got the logs from my personal data in csv format but i just can´t understand the readouts.

It´s seems to have several readings with the same timestamp, and don´t know how i can get a total consumption…
here is the data fields description - IMG

and here a example of the readings - IMG

does this make sense to anybody?

looks to me you got 5-6 diff points or subpoints. Maybe your spreadsheet format is truncating the seconds off.

There’s not much to understand without descriptors or units. No frame of reference, no manuf or model# of equipment, and no other clues. Do you think you are exporting all the available details?

that is the weird part, i have 3 AC units but the logs are for just 1 unit, and the csv file have no seconds, i can post the full log if needed.

the data is for a 9000 btu equipment (indoor and outdoor unit).