Trying to make light go back to original level after door shuts. please help

(Anthony Burhite) #1

un sure what i am doing wrong here but here is my webcore

(Robin) #2

You’re not saving the level into the variable before changing the level.

Anyway… Scroll through the command list and you’ll see save attributes to local store, and restore attributes from local store… no variables needed.

(Anthony Burhite) #3

ok, that worked. however I just noticed that if the light is off to begin with it will then set the light to the level it was before it went off when it turns on. With the change i just made it now goes back the level it was if it was already on though which is great

(Robin) #4

Just save and restore the switch attribute as well as the level attribute.

And you shouldn’t need the last ‘set level’… restoring attributes should do that for you.

(Anthony Burhite) #5

It works. Thank you so much. I had to move some stuff out and fix that it couldn’t overwrite the values and when it restored that it would then clear it out. WOO HOO