Trying to figure what this item # is for a GE switch

I was given some info on a switch that was on clearance but I can’t figure out what it is. The item numbers I was given was 735810 and 1310809fb2. Now this guy had a very heavy accent and was talking with his cheek over the phone, so I am not 100% sure if those numbers are right, but he said it was an IRIS GE smart switch on clearance.

some of the GE switches at Lowe’s start with a 7, but that number doesn’t match any of the Z-wave ones. Which one were you looking for?

he called it a smart switch for Iris, he really was clueless to be honest. The store was no where near me, so I have to find someone local to buy and send to me, I was hoping to confirm it was a good compatible product, but this guy couldn’t see the numbers so he kept grabbing people to read it to him and they never matched what he started to say when HE was reading the box. I am always looking for extra switches and dimmers, sounds like that is what he had.

oh, and looking at a pic of the barcode on some of the OLD plastic box single pole switches, the UPC# is 0 43180 45637 3 and I am thinking maybe 735810 should have been 43180 since the 7 could easily be a 4, the 5 could have been confused with teh 3 or the 8 and the 8 and 1 could have been swapped. If anyone has a list of all the Lowe’s smart switch p/n’s that would be awesome.