Trying to figure out how to connect my stuff

Hello all. First timer here. I’m just getting started with Z Wave.

I have an Ecobee3 thermometer, Yale YRD220-ZW-619 Real Living lock, 2Gig Go Control alarm, and a Aeotec Smart Dimmer. I thought I’d be able to control everything on a phone app for my alarm. I was wrong.

What would I gain if I bought a Smartthings hub?


Lots of headache. :wink:

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While none of the devices you mention are on our compatible devices list and will work right out of the box, some like the Ecobee and Yale Lock should have code here in the community to get them up and running and will also likely have official support sooner than later. Spend some time on these forums. You’ll find a lot of helpful people. And @geko

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@joeybcdt You would gain the only platform that you can write your own applications that exist in a decent looking modern system. There are some growing pains but it’s the only platform that lets you figure it out if there’s no good solution available.

I have several contacts and an alarm. My question is: If I unplug my alarm (which I have already done), can I simply plug it back in (different location) and SmartThings will automatically “see” in again? Or do I have to add it again? Same question applies to my SmartAlarn app. Do I have to add it again?