Trying to display temperature from device tile

Is action titles the only way to display the temperature from a device? I was trying to see if I could set up smart things On a tablet and display the room temperature

You can create dashboards and display attributes using Sharptools as well.

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What is allow me to display the camera feeds from smartthings

Depends on your camera. Most commonly, people are displaying MJPEG streams from their camera or image snapshots. If your camera doesn’t support an MJPEG stream directly, you may be able to translate the stream into a supported format using something like Blue Iris or TinyCam.

Some people prefer having an image snapshot that refreshes every few seconds as they can get an at-a-glance view of what’s happening and then tap on the image to open their preferred camera streaming app to view the live stream. In SharpTools, you can do this by configuring the ‘action’ on your media tile to open an app hyperlink.

You can create dashboards and display attributes using app The Home Remote

So i have options but im looking to also display my samsung smartthings camera feeds also.