Trying to dim exterior lights vis GFI outlet

The following is not weatherproof, so you’re going to have to put the whole outlet inside a plastic project box to shelter it from the weather, and this won’t work if you live in Minnesota or someplace where you get long periods of subzero temperatures. But if you live in a more temperate zone, the easiest way is just going to be to use a plug in pocket socket dimmer like the following:

It works fine with dimmable LEDs up to a 100 W load.

So it will be a no installation project except for the shelter box, you just plug it in. And you preserve your GFI protection.

To operate it from inside, you can set up rules-based automations, use the mobile app, or add an additional battery powered switch. :sunglasses:

Or if you have a place for it, you can also use a mains power switch which is on a different circuit then the actual outlet and use a no load dimmer switch there.

In both cases, the battery powered switch or the mains powered no load switch, The switch sends a message to the hub and the hub sends a message to the pocket socket. So it works just like the phone app does, but it’s on the wall and it looks like a switch. :level_slider::bulb:

The box covers are usually called a “weatherproof electrical box cover” and should cost under $15. Get a clear plastic one for minimum radio interference. Don’t get a metal one or a blue plastic one, for some reason the blue one seem to block signal more than other colors.

Here’s one just as an example. Obviously you’ll have to check the exact measurements to make sure the pocket socket will fit inside the box cover. :sunglasses: