Trying to decide on my Home Automation hub

I am new to Home Automation and I’m trying to decide on which hub to purchase. I thinking the SmartThings or a Vera. Currently I have a Honeywell Alarm system that I want to use with my home automation and a Amazon Echo. I want to control lighting, cameras, door locks and a whole house audio system. Just need someone to persuade in the right direction.


It’s better if you do your homework than listen to opinion of others. I find opinions are a lot like buttholes, everyone has one, no 2 are quite the same and they all stink. Use the search button @ the top right corner to see if Smartthings will even do what you want and if it will do it well. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages. search, read and educate yourself and make your decision accordingly.

Or you can’t just buy smartthings, it works well when it works well :smile:

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@KenJ, this is truly the best advice you can get, period!